Waiver of Liability

Before proceeding, you need to have received authorization from your employer to be registered as a user. To register, you need to use the User ID that was assigned to you.

Terms & Conditions

In registering for access to The Empire Life Insurance Company's ("Empire Life") Plan Administrator Online Services, I agree that I am responsible for all actions performed by my Empire Life username and password. I will not share my username and password with any other individual either inside or outside my company. I will not use someone else's username to gain access to Empire Life Plan Administrator Online Services. I understand that my use of Empire Life Plan Administrator Online Services is subject to Empire Life rules and procedures, as amended from time to time, and I agree to comply with such rules and procedures. If my association with the above named company and/or Empire Life terminates, I agree that it is my responsibility to immediately discontinue use of my username and password. Empire Life reserves the right to revoke or change the conditions of my access without notice.

I have read the agreement and consent to the terms outlined above.